Why Our Agency

  1. A Trusted Advisor. You wouldn’t get a Mercedes fixed at a Chevrolet dealer. Similarly, as a board member you want a professional who specializes in homeowner association policies rather than a generic insurance agent. A regular homeowner policy is nothing like an association master policy.
  2. Personal Service. Because so many associations have missing, incorrect or inadequate insurance coverage
    we offer a free service to review your current policy, CC&Rs and other important association documents. After our review we can come to your board meeting and explain the coverage you have. If you have the right coverage we’re going to tell you that and if there are recommendations you hear these as well. We’ll even bring the refreshments!
  3. Claims. Our agency has dedicated staff to handle claims specific to your association. We assist with coordination of contractors to fix your problem and unit owner insurance carriers if need be. More importantly we are available for advice and counsel to help you proactively take steps to prevent problems before they become claims.
  4. Certificates of insurance. Most unit owners will need a certificate of insurance for their lender. Many agencies charge $25 or more to issue a certificate. Our agency has never charged a fee to issue a certificate of insurance.
  5. Savings and Value. We only offer association master policies with AM Best “A” rated insurance carriers. Association specific policies have considerable amounts of coverage built into them that other policies offer as optional. More coverage at a reasonable price means superior value for your insurance expenditure. Our agency is staffed with licensed insurance professionals who can offer you and your association members additional savings on: unit owner policies; auto and motorcycle coverage; and, life insurance.

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